EY - Serbia winner

Radovan Milojević


Stublina Ltd.

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Radovan Milojević saw potential in a small Serbian village that others had passed by. It was nicknamed “Deserted Stojnik” — there was no road, no electricity and certainly no production facilities. But Radovan loved it there, and his family owned a farm in the village. He decided to start a business and began making fittings for locksmiths in the area. His dream was to grow Stublina into a global company and put Stojnik on the map.

He has succeeded on both counts. Stojnik has become a thriving community and the heart of Stublina, the aluminum joinery locks and fittings company that Radovan founded in 1993. It now produces over 1,500 types of products, including handles and knobs, hinges for windows and doors, locks and latches, as well as fitting sets and cylinders produced under the Diplomat brand.

Under Radovan’s leadership, Stublina has become the market leader in the manufacturing of hardware for locksmiths, with 70% of the domestic market for aluminum joinery locks. It now exports 75% of its production, mainly to the Russian, Belarus, Ukraine and EU markets.