South Korea

EY - South Korea winner

Kim Yoon

Chairman and CEO

Samyang Holdings Corp.

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Growing up, Kim Yoon says he observed “the elders in my family execute virtuous and trustworthy management.” His grandfather founded the Samyang Group in Korea in 1924 as a farming business. The company began producing sugar, then flour, textiles and petrochemicals. When his turn came, Yoon was determined to faithfully follow his family’s example.

After he took over as Chairman in 2004, he restructured the Samyang Group into a holding company headquartered in Seoul. Under Yoon’s leadership, the Samyang Biopharm division is one of the major growth engines of the group. It has developed anti-cancer drugs and a nicotine patch, and its pioneering biodegradable sutures are exported to 130 clients in 80 countries worldwide.

Yoon is dedicated to investing in people. He has continued to offer scholarship funds to students, a program originally established by his grandfather. “A company with a long history has many duties as a member of civil society. We have to continue to grow to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities.”