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Ignacio Rivera Quintana


Hijos de Rivera

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Ignacio Rivera is the fourth generation to run Hijos de Rivera, the brewery company founded by his great grandfather in 1906. True to tradition, Ignacio has stayed faithful to the company’s family ethos while driving unprecedented growth.

When Ignacio first joined the company’s sales and marketing department back in the 1990s, Hijos de Rivera was a small local brewer in the north of Spain. He was determined to expand and consolidate the company’s position. He was elected CEO in 2012 and has overseen its transformation into a global beverages company and a leader in the premium beer sector.

Hijos de Rivera has tripled production, revenues and profit since 2008. In addition to increasing its range of products, the company has expanded to 50 countries and has more than 1,000 employees. Ignacio has established a strong foothold in Brazil, with a view to targeting the lucrative American market.