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Octopus Group

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Chris Hulatt and Simon Rogerson founded Octopus Group in 2000 when they were 23 and 25, respectively. Since then, they have entered and disrupted two of the least trusted industries in the world — fund management and energy supply. Their journey began when they set up shop in Chris’ lounge armed with one laptop, one phone line, plenty of determination and a clear vision: they were going to “disrupt complacent industries by bringing the needs of the customer back into focus and reminding the corporate world of its responsibilities to society.” They had no savings and spent the first 12 months cold-calling potential investors to raise the money they needed to get started.

Chris and Simon believe the key to Octopus Group’s success is its culture. Over the past 18 years, they have built a culture where everyone is encouraged to think and behave like an entrepreneur.

Octopus is one of the fastest-growing companies ever in the UK. By 2020, they expect the group to have US$26b in funds under management, US$1.4b in turnover and more than 1.2 million customers.