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Marcos Guigou

Managing Director

Agronegocios del Plata (ADP)
adp.com.uy | @adp_uruguay

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Marcos Guigou is Managing Director of Agronegocios del Plata (ADP) and Co-founder of Okara and OkaraTech, companies that market agricultural products and develop technological tools to boost agricultural production.

An agricultural engineer who grew up in a traditional farming family, Marcos has more than 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector. He combines his roots in traditional management of the field with the incorporation of technology and the exchange of information. This has included the introduction of intelligence to agricultural processes, incorporating satellite technology and combined mobile communication. Marcos is a pioneer of “Agriculture for Environment” in Uruguay, a technique that adjusts fertilization and defines field rotations and varieties in planting, allowing for physical and chemical corrections of soil.