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EY - Rona Kotecha

Rona Kotecha

Executive Director
Mara Foundation

Rona Kotecha has been instrumental in solidifying partnerships and promoting the Mara Foundation’s work to bring change, remove barriers and drive economic empowerment across developing countries. Rona transitioned to the Foundation after heading the Mara Group’s Dubai office, and she truly believes its initiatives will lead to sustainable economic development and change lives through entrepreneurship.

Mara Foundation’s free online mentoring platform, Mara Mentor, connects entrepreneurs and business leaders globally. It enables, empowers and inspires entrepreneurs through mentoring, discussion forums, blogs and resources.

In 2016, Rona led the launch of the Ashish J. Thakkar Global Entrepreneurship Index. She has served as a judge for USAID’s entrepreneurship grants for young African leaders, and she is an advisory board member for the British Council’s Entrepreneurial Africa program.