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EY - Say Jim Tan

Say Jim Tan

Group Managing Director and CEO
IRIS Corporation Berhad

Born to immigrant parents from China, Say Jim Tan grew up in Ipoh, Malaysia. For 15 years, he shared a rented room with his parents and his brothers. Despite his humble beginnings, he qualified as an accountant and founded IRIS Corporation in 1994, IRIS is an acronym. IRIS stands for Image Retrieval Identification System, our road to fame is that we invented the electronic passport in 1998.

Say Jim’s concern for the environment has led him into the business of building eco-friendly and affordable dwellings within the planning framework of sustainable communities. IRIS invested in an energy-efficient industrialized building system that can be built quickly and simply with lightweight polystyrene panels. This system is now used to build homes, schools and public buildings in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Kenya.

With Say Jim at the helm, IRIS is committed to develop groundbreaking innovations that will enrich lives globally and meet humanity’s pressing needs for food, jobs and shelter.