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EY - Christian van Megen

Christian van Megen

Managing Director and Co-founder
digitisation GmbH

Christian van Megen is the Managing Director and Co-founder of digitisation GmbH, which holistically analyzes the digital readiness of companies with up to 5,000 employees. It works with its clients to take full advantage of the opportunities arising from digital transformation. He is also the Chairman of the EY NextGen Club, a global and exclusive network of more than 600 next-generation members and young entrepreneurs from 61 different countries.

Christian has worked as an independent IT consultant in the field of software quality assurance since the age of 18. After his studies at the University of Glasgow, he instigated and led a project focused on the development of the start-up ecosystem. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, managing the occasional construction project and developing the Series-A Campus in Cologne, a co-working space he established with his family.