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Ernst & Young Product Sales LLC licenses software and distributes technical content. These products cover a range of industries and leverage the experience of EY professionals around the world.

Offerings include:

Global Withholding Tax Reporter®

Global Withholding Tax Reporter puts the accumulated international experience of one of the world’s leading professional services organizations at your fingertips. With more than 25 years of experience, this reference tool provides in-depth information on global withholding tax matters, including statutory rates, treaty rates and procedures for 11 different beneficial owner types investing in 100 countries of investment.

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PetroZone is EY’s web-enabled inventory control and record-keeping system application for US-based petrochemical plants and petroleum refineries operating as a foreign-trade zone (FTZ). It is designed to help companies conduct FTZ subzone accounting for optimized zone savings while meeting applicable US Customs regulations (19 CFR 146 Subpart H, Petroleum Refineries in Foreign-Trade Subzones). The software uses the refinery operational data to generate filings and determine legally permissible duty expense reductions.

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PFIC Analyzer

The timely identification of the current PFIC status of holdings can be a daunting challenge and an imperfect process. For more than a decade, the PFIC Analyzer has been a one-stop source for quickly and consistently identifying PFICs. The PFIC Analyzer database contains approximately 30,000 foreign equities, which are reviewed on an annual basis for PFIC status. As a result, clients can make informed decisions regarding the potential impact of foreign holdings in their portfolios.

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Retirement Income Knowledge Bank®

Retirement Income Knowledge Bank is a comprehensive online resource with the latest details of retirement income products. Subscribers can search by company and retirement income solution and create customized reports. They also can access weekly reports that focus on the latest variable annuity filings, a monthly newsletter that discusses developments in the retirement income space, and quarterly variable annuity updates that summarize changes to these products and benefits.


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US Withholding Tax Reporting Service (“USWTRS”)

This subscription-only service brings the latest information about reporting and withholding changes, along with insights about how these changes may affect business processes and systems. USWTRS delivers a link to original source documents directly to the subscribers’ inbox, along with highlights and analysis of new treasury regulations, rulings, revenues procedures, new forms, updates to the magnetic media and electronic filing specifications and more. In addition, subscribers receive twelve hours of telephone support each year.

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