A recognized leader in knowledge

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With a string of Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) awards stretching back over a decade, we are recognized globally as a leader in knowledge management strategy, culture, processes and infrastructure.

Our professionals have access to the latest breaking business news, internal and external research and analysis, leading-class benchmarks, broad and rigorous methodologies, as well as experience from working with you.

These resources provide the market intelligence necessary to understand your businesses so we can deliver efficient, high-quality service.

Our knowledge culture

Our success in this field stems from the commitment of our people, from our leaders who address the importance of managing knowledge, to our people worldwide who leverage knowledge to support productive, practical service for you.


Our people participate in knowledge sharing networks, create thought leadership and are rewarded for sharing what they know. Training in knowledge-sharing is part of our new hire orientation program and continues at each level and for new roles.

Our global knowledge infrastructure

By using globally-consistent knowledge resources and technology, our professionals can effectively team with their colleagues around the world to work on client engagements. We continuously improve our infrastructure, incorporating new technology such as internal social media, so staff can find one another and exchange ideas easily.

In addition to opportunities for global collaboration, our knowledge infrastructure allows professionals to leverage knowledge that is accessible both online and offline, from any location in the world.