Thought leadership

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For over 20 years, we have made strategic investments in a dedicated knowledge team: a global network that has grown to 800 knowledge professionals across 40 countries.

We believe successful knowledge management contributes directly to an organization’s success. We see this not only in our own achievements but in those of our clients applying our insights and approaches.

As a knowledge leader, we drive or contribute to a range of activities to further the business world’s understanding and adoption of knowledge practices.

  • We regularly present externally about our knowledge and practices. Recently, we have spoken at KM World, KM Asia, KMUK, Enterprise Search Summit, the APQC KM conference and the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Summit.
  • We have partnered on research to advance the field of knowledge. Recent reports include:
    • Connecting people to content
    • Positioning communities of practice for success
    • Developing a knowledge-driven organizational culture
    • Next steps in process measures and analytics
  • Our global knowledge model is currently used as a case study for an MBA course.
  • We have launched the knowledge advantage index report to examine how business leaders are using knowledge to achieve growth during an unstable economic climate.




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