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The EY Exhibition:
Late Turner – Painting Set Free

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The EY Exhibition: Late Turner – Painting Set Free at Tate Britain from 10 September 2014 to 25 January 2015.

J.M.W. Turner was born in London in 1775. His talent as an artist was obvious from a young age. At 14 he gained a place at the Royal Academy Schools.

By 1802, he was a member of the Royal Academy. Five years later, he was made Professor of Perspective.

Turner lived in London his whole life, but also traveled widely in Europe. He was a prolific and varied artist, who touched on diverse subjects and worked in many different mediums. He died in 1851.

The EY Exhibition: Late Turner – Painting Set Free looks at the extraordinary work of Turner’s final years. It opens in 1835, when Turner was 60, and closes with his last exhibits at the Royal Academy in 1850. It features 150 paintings, drawings, prints and watercolors from the UK and abroad.

The exhibition will show that, far from becoming an “elderly” artist, Turner remained a radical. He explore new techniques, processes and materials, and worked with exceptional energy and creativity to the end.

This is the third time that EY has supported a Turner exhibition, after Turner’s Britain in 2003 and Turner Whistler Monet in 2005.

The EY Exhibition: Late Turner at Tate Britain is the second EY Exhibition, part of the three-year EY Tate Arts Partnership. The first, The EY Exhibition: Paul Klee – Making Visible, ran at Tate Modern from October 2013 to March 2014.

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