The 2012 Ryder Cup

Latest Medinah insights

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Want to know why José María Olazabal picked today's pairings – and what Colin Montgomerie thinks about them? Find out what José María and Monty think about today's Ryder Cup action.

Day 3 - Sunday Sept.30

  • José María Olazábal reflects on the European Team's historic victory and explains how the players were inspired to make their dramatic comeback.

    "To come back from so far behind against a great US team will be something for the golf history books. The players were so motivated going into the day. And they came through.

    The team managed to persevere under tough circumstances with great determination and passion. Finally, the momentum shifted our way and the putts kept dropping at the right moment. It shows us again that everything is possible in The Ryder Cup. Never give up, even if your chances are small.

    I kept telling the players: "Never give in, never quit. Anything is possible in this game." It did not go our way in 1999 in Brookline, but we can now be so proud about Medinah in 2012. The next Ryder Cup in 2014 at Gleneagles will be wonderfully exciting. The US team will surely come out strong to try and win the trophy back. But for now, it remains ours."

  • Colin Montgomerie comments on Team momentum.

    Team momentum was the main factor behind the turnaround of the match. 10-6 down on Saturday night felt like 10-6 up following Ian Poulter's efforts.

    The USA must have felt they were 10-6 down. It could have been 11-5 and that made a huge difference – and gave Europe hope. You always hope that there is a way forward, and the last two matches on Saturday night gave Europe hope. In these circumstances, I think 75% of the credit goes to the players, while 25% is down to what the captain had to say on Saturday night to keep the momentum going.

    Looking forward to Gleneagles, the main lesson Europe can learn is that there is no one to be feared any more in the US Team – not Tiger Woods. Those days have gone. Next time we will be playing at home, we will hold the Ryder Cup, we will have home support. If we are down on the Saturday night, we will know now that we can fight back and we will press the pedal, stand on them and keep at them. We no longer have anything to fear.

Day 2 - Saturday Sept.29

  • José María Olazábal reflects on day two and looks ahead to Sunday's singles.

    "The finish in the afternoon was huge for us. We did not have momentum all day long. We could not make the important putts nor perform to our expectations - until the last two matches went our way in such spectacular fashion down the stretch.

    It gives us a little chance, and we simply need to bring this momentum into Sunday from the very first match. The players will need no special motivation. All remember how the US overcame a 10-6 deficit in 1999 in Brookline. They understand that everything is possible in the Ryder Cup. The players know what we have to do. It has been done before and the team will play their hearts out on Sunday."

Day 1 - Friday Sept.28

  • Commenting on the first day's play, Europe's Captain José María Olazábal said:

    “We are all excited that the Ryder Cup is finally underway. The lead is with the US Team, but we remain positive. We knew it would be tough. The US Team played fantastic golf today. In the morning session, Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy won a great point on the last hole.

    And obviously, it was exciting to see the strong display of our rookie Nicolas Colsaerts. All on the Team played their hearts out and tried to the end, showing true Ryder Cup spirit. But in short, we simply have to go out and play better tomorrow.”

  • Colin Montgomerie gives his view of Friday's play and looks ahead to the challenges facing the European Team.

    It is very important for each player to play on the first day, especially in an away match. You need to be prepared for the singles, prepared for the crowd. We made the mistake in 1999 of not playing each member of the team ahead of the singles. You need to find your game in time for the singles. It's a long week to sit and wait to play, and by the time the first day comes, as a player you want to be out there playing.

    The USA have the momentum this morning. The one thing to change that is for Europe to hole putts. The USA crowd go very quiet when things are not going their way on the course – so holing putts this morning is vital. Europe need some blue on the board early on to silence the crowd. That will help the European players big time.

    Davis Love will have had an easier evening than José María. He will have told his players to keep on doing what they are doing. It would have been very different for José María, who will have had to remind his team that they are only two points behind and there is a long way to go – but they need to start holing putts.