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How can you innovate for tomorrow, today?

The future of the traditional automotive industry is in question. Urbanization, changing consumer expectations and emerging digital technologies are forming a new mobility ecosystem and setting the stage for immense innovation. Keeping pace requires incumbents to transform by developing new business models and services – and at unprecedented speeds. Success will depend on their ability to radically shift work practices and culture; companies must think like a start-up, tap into new talent and engage the consumers of tomorrow. EY’s deep understanding of new technologies and innovation, our diverse network of cross-sector players and asset-based approaches enable automotive and transportation companies to commercialize new businesses and revenue models and future-proof their businesses for tomorrow, today.


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    EY - How far will cities go to move cars off the roads?

    How far will cities go to move cars off the roads?

    As governments look for ways to tackle urban congestion, they are bringing forward the timing of mobility innovation.

    EY - personal-mobility

    Personal mobility as an “oasis”

    Randy Miller, EY's Global Automotive and Transportation Leader, along with Rinspeed CEO Frank Rinderknecht and Peter Fuss, EY's Senior Automotive Advisory Partner for Germany/Switzerland/Austria, discuss the Rinspeed Oasis, “a living room on four wheels,” and the future of mobility at the Geneva Auto Show.

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