Changing lanes: the automotive C-suite's 2013-14 agenda

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Our professionals work alongside many of the sector's leaders virtually every day, giving us a unique perspective on the strategic priorities of many of the world's leading automotive companies.

To gain more insight into the priorities of the sector's C-suite, we interviewed 32 of our most senior partners about the challenges faced by their automotive clients and identified five themes that will dominate the boardroom's agenda for the next 18 months.

"As the automotive sector continues to evolve, the urgency of these strategic and tactical moves could determine which companies gain a sustainable competitive advantage despite the tough market conditions."

- Mike Hanley,
Global Automotive Leader, EY

Theme 1: State of competition –winning companies pull ahead

Market leaders, in terms of profitability, are finding the right balance across a wide range of value drivers and continuously adjusting their focus as market dynamics dictate; never losing sight of short- and long-term objectives. Now companies on either side of the divide must choose their response, whether that means trying to turn their lead into a lasting advantage or finding new allies to keep from falling further behind.



Theme 1: State of competition –winning companies pull ahead