Growth in the household and personal care sector

Creating growth opportunities

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Today’s HPC companies are looking at a number of ways to create growth and value.

Understanding their consumers

The challenge for HPC companies is to leverage their insights to identify the core brands that have the greatest relevance and maximize growth opportunities at every level across economy, mass and premium markets.

One of the routes that HPC companies are exploiting in order to understand consumers better is social media. Beauty brands may have the most to gain from engaging in this channel.

“As the popularity of social media grows, our clients are becoming increasingly aware of how important social media insight is when making critical decisions or avoiding significant pitfalls.”

- Adlai Goldberg, Leader, Consumer Products,
Ernst & Young LLP

Delivering innovation

Our research reveals that 17% of consumer product companies currently identify bringing innovations to market as one of the most significant barriers to executing strategy.

Businesses need to renew their offerings and business models constantly - and get innovation to people quickly - to protect existing markets and develop new ones.

Engaging their consumers

Social media is changing the way consumers and HPC companies interact and how consumers think about brands.

As the pace of technology adoption is accelerating, HPC businesses face a far faster business cycle where they have to react rapidly “in real time,” especially as more and more consumers have mobile access to the internet with all its networking and information opportunities.

Driving value from the right transactions

Developed-world companies are looking to enter or strengthen their positions in RGMs with acquisitions and joint ventures.

RGM companies are establishing themselves as global players in their own right, looking for opportunities to acquire local competitors and mature market businesses. We are also likely to see a focus on acquiring family brands in RGMs.

Choosing where to compete

Currently, only 29% of global consumer product companies say they are “very good” at choosing where to compete, and in Europe this figure falls to 20%.

For HPC companies, at the highest level, the decision rests on weighing up mature versus RGMs.

What attracts HPC companies to rapid-growth markets?

  • 82% of the world's population live there.
  • 92% of the world's births occur there.
  • GDP growth is four to five percentage points higher than in mature markets.
  • One billion people will enter the middle class by 2020: two-thirds will come from rapid-growth markets.
  • 70% of global GDP will come from rapid-growth markets in the next 10 years.

How we can help

We have a proven record of helping businesses all over the world to create opportunities for growth — and knowledgeable local teams to support strategic moves in all key markets. We can advise on:

  • Where to compete
  • Driving value from transactions
  • Delivering product innovation
  • Understanding the consumer/shopper
  • Creating brand engagement
  • Connecting with consumers