Growth in the household and personal care sector

Enhancing corporate reputation

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A company’s reputation rests on a wide range of issues, which HPC companies need to be savvy about.

Engaging with stakeholders and reporting transparently

HPC companies need to act in an ethical and responsible manner to attract the growing number of “issue-savvy” consumers. Increasingly, companies not only have to do the right thing — they have to be seen doing the right thing, which has led to an increase in organizations reporting openly on climate change and sustainability initiatives.

Partly because of the reach and immediacy of digital media, it is imperative that companies not only report transparently but that they ensure their actions and positioning are consistent.

“Businesses need to keep earning their license to operate, which means demonstrating the value of their activities for shareholders, employees, consumers and the many communities in which they operate.”

- Eric Mugnier, Global Consumer Products Climate Change and Sustainability Leader, EY

Anticipating and managing risk effectively

HPC firms need to plan for disruption. Building resilience along the value chain is not just about investing in great planning and analytics, but having the leadership, responsibility, partnerships and talent necessary to execute it.

In RGMs, complexity and unpredictability are the chief cause of problems. Getting corporate governance right can also be a major issue.

Attracting the brightest and the best

Currently, just 20% of consumer products companies say they are good at attracting and optimizing talent.

While the short term challenge is to up-skill and retain existing staff, many companies are also looking to the future by establishing local training and skills initiatives in partnership with local educational institutions to broaden the base for long-term recruitment.

How we can help

We have a proven record advising businesses in this area and knowledgeable local teams to provide support in all key markets. We can advise on:

  • Engaging with stakeholders and regulators
  • Enhancing the consistency of actions and positioning
  • Anticipating and managing risk
  • Reporting transparently
  • Attracting and optimizing talent and resources