• Payments newsletter: volume 16

    The latest edition of #payments reports on new payments technology, cross-border issues, recent M&A and venture capital transactions, regulation-related news and more.

  • Customer experience: innovate like a FinTech

    Banks are under intense pressure to master the customer experience. Our Global Consumer Banking Survey explores how to thrive in the new landscape.

  • SWIFT Customer Security Program updates

    SWIFT’s most prominent new initiative is its Customer Security Program (CSP), which commences this year. Starting in Q2, customers must attest compliance to 16 controls.

  • Understanding is the key to customer loyalty

    Our Global Consumer Banking Survey identifies four key customer segments. How are you serving the pros, digital stars, traditionalists and financial stars among your customers?

  • Cyber risk management and three lines of defense

    Staying safe is no longer just about deflecting attackers -- it’s about staying ahead of attackers who are already inside the organization. Learn more about 3LoD.

  • Global financial services divestment study 2017

    After years of restructuring prompted by regulatory reform, the financial services sector is prepared to deal with disruption from the ground up.

  • Global Banking Outlook 2017

    We analyze strategic priorities for banks and what they can do to reshape, control, protect, optimize and grow their businesses.

  • Front-office control functions

    How are capital markets banks handling increased expectations for managing non-financial risks? Learn how dedicated front-office control functions and Chief Control Officers (CCOs) can help.

  • Seven tips for quality customer engagement

    Engaged customers are more likely to view banks as trusted advisors, rely on them for financial advice and share personal information.

Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with sweeping changes and increasing customer and shareholder expectations for service, transparency and return on equity.

We can help you evolve your bank’s operating model and pursue the greatest opportunities for growth.

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EY - Capital Markets: building the investment bank of the future

Capital Markets: building the investment bank of the future

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EY Bank Relevance Index