Consumer Finance Advisory Services

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Dislocation in the credit markets is reshaping the competitive landscape for many financial institutions. With precipitous drops in home prices, a collapse in liquidity and increased regulatory scrutiny, the heat from the mortgage market meltdown is being felt far and wide.

Executives are challenged by the collapse of secondary markets, decline in origination volumes, high delinquencies and reduced property values. Banks are seeking a profitable business model in this volatile environment. Clearly, the playbook is changing rapidly. The strains are forcing banks to find new strategies to mitigate losses and protect assets. To survive the current climate and align themselves for future success, lenders need to overhaul products, operations, systems and controls.

Transformation to improve execution

Market pressures are forcing lenders to take actions, which include:
  • Overhauling operations and infrastructure
  • Streamlining and reconfiguring core systems to support new market requirements
  • Deploying creative foreclosure prevention and Real Estate Owned (REO) strategies
  • Improving process and decision-making transparency
  • Linking legal and regulatory requirements with operational controls to ensure compliance
  • Enhancing risk reporting, stress testing, loss forecasting and assessment of capital adequacy

Delivering a broad range of solutions to our clients

The current state of the mortgage market demands swift and dramatic changes to firms' business models, operations and associated infrastructures. Institutions that align systems and processes — effectively and rapidly — will be most successful at stemming losses, while positioning themselves for future success.

 Consumer Finance Advisory Services 

Why clients choose EY's Consumer Finance Advisory Services

Drawing on our deep technology and risk management experience, clients rely on us for our independence, objectivity and perspective. And, because of our understanding of industry practices, changes in the regulatory environment and emerging strategies. We have served half of the top 20 mortgage lenders, the GSEs (government sponsored enterprises) and leading Wall Street firms and hedge funds