Successful corporate banking: keep customers close

Bank performance criteria

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We asked executives to rate the importance of 16 bank performance criteria on a 1-10 scale and then rate their own core banking partners using the same criteria. Although nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) rated their core banks as excellent performers overall, banks fell short of expectations on 11 of the 16 criteria.

The most pronounced performance gaps included the following:

  • Transparency
    Although 69% indicated that transparency on risk, liquidity, capital and portfolio concentration is critical for selecting and keeping core banks, only 27% reported that their banks are willing to share this information.
  • Stability and financial performance
    Most executives (76%) ranked stability as a top criterion, but less than half (43%) are completely confident with the stability and security of their banking partners within their company’s risk parameters.
  • Innovation
    A majority (63%) gave innovative ideas and products a top rating in terms of importance, but only 40% are pleased with their banks’ performance in this area. The lack of sophisticated technology is a major disappointment to finance executives as well.
  • Service and product quality
    Almost all respondents (89%) chose service quality as the single most important criterion for selecting and keeping a core bank, but only 73% gave their banks strong marks. Product quality and functionality ranked second on the list, with 82% giving it a top rating. However, only 64% rated their banks highly in this area.
  • Customization
    More than half of participants expressed disappointment in their banks’ willingness and ability to customize their services and products.