Webcast: Global regulatory reform

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The next few months are expected to bring a crystallization of the new financial regulatory landscape as regulators in the US and the EU issue final rules. While many aspects of these reforms will follow consistent themes under the G20, FSB and Basel standards, global firms must still adapt their business model to a fluid landscape across multiple jurisdictions.

Moreover, the aggregate impact of reforms could have profound commercial implications on each company's business strategy and structure.

In this webcast, we discuss:

  • Critical regulatory and supervisory priorities over the next few months under Dodd-Frank and EU rulemaking
  • Implications of the global agenda and local implementation - what will "GSIFI" actually mean and how will supervisors coordinate on key cross-border issues
  • Impact on business models, structures and strategic initiatives for global financial services firms

Watch the full on-demand webcast to hear how firms can address these issues and plan for the possible challenges that lay ahead.