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Odyssey Integrated Trader Surveillance

Odyssey integrated trader surveillance: next-generation monitoring and supervision designed to help financial institutions manage conduct risk and control compliance costs

Legacy solutions, which are often black-box and rules-based, have laid important foundations for market abuse surveillance. However, their alignment with specific data types – trade, email or voice surveillance – precludes them from drawing a full picture of what traders knew, said and did. Odyssey builds on existing systems and source data to offer an integrated view that “connects the dots” and enables financial institutions to monitor trader behavior over time, within the context of their peer group.

Odyssey integrated trader surveillance can help financial institutions:

  • Bring together disparate alerts and data from trade, electronic communications, voice and other sources to help clients effectively identify suspicious behavioral patterns and material risks
  • Prioritize the conduct risks that matter the most to them
  • Improve surveillance efficiency through the application of automation and AI
  • Reduce the volume of false positives and the resources needed to manage them
  • Derive greater value from legacy investments by integrating with, and enhancing the signal from, existing systems

Odyssey integrated trader surveillance runs on a forensic data analytics platform, EY Virtual Analytics Infrastructure (EY Virtual), that can be deployed either on premises at your facilities or in the cloud (your cloud environment or EY's private cloud).

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