• Cyber strategy for insurers

    In the second of our EY Innovation series, we focus on the changing boundaries between client and insurer within the context of cyber risk.

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation

    We cover key changes proposed by the GDPR and help you assess whether or not your organization is ready for the new Regulation.

  • Digital transformation in insurance

    Can digital make the possible a reality in insurance? Read our latest on what you should know.

  • Insurance technology trends

    Learn the key issues and trends that should be on the radar of insurance company leaders, including big data, cybersecurity, InsurTech and more.

  • M&A integration in financial services

    After two strong years of M&A activity, the pressure is now on acquirers to prove they can secure value from the transactions they have pursued.

  • IFRS 17: implications for European insurers

    The standard will represent the most significant change to European insurance accounting requirements in 20 years, requiring insurers to entirely overhaul their financial statements.

  • Disruption and the road to sustainable health

    We offer perspective on how megatrends and the current global political climate are likely to create even more disruption in an already fractured health system.

  • Insurance Accounting Alert May 2017

    The IASB has issued IFRS 17, a comprehensive new accounting standard for insurance contracts. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The future of distribution for insurers

    Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN) participants recently discussed distribution models, where losses in the form of intermediary, acquisition, and technology costs remain significant.

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Profound regulatory change. Unprecedented opportunity in emerging markets. Lingering economic uncertainty. Technology-driven disruptions. Rising consumer expectations. Intense cost and competitive pressures.

Our global team of industry professionals helps insurers navigate these challenges — and seize the strategic opportunities they represent. We help you find better answers by asking better questions about the most critical aspects of the business:

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