Citizen Today: global employment trends

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In our 13th issue, we explore how different countries are responding to the problem of unemployment.

More jobs and stronger growth hopefully lie ahead, but there are few signs that the global economy is poised for a much-needed era of expansion.

We speak to Muna AbuSulayman, a prominent Arab leader and commentator, about implementing top-down and bottom-up change.

We also cover a global overview from Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist, head of Sweden’s National Employment Agency and the worldwide organization of labor market agencies.

The US “fiscal cliff” continues to make headlines around the world. We speak to a number of financial leaders from federal, state and local government about public financial management and US economic prospects.

We also hear from Erik Camarano, President of the Movimento Brasil Competitivo, about how a new approach to public-private collaboration is helping Brazil become ever more competitive.

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Uschi Schreiber

Uschi Schreiber
Global Government & Public Sector Leader