EY Citizen Today: the case for change

Citizen Today: the case for change

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In our latest edition of Citizen Today, we look at change: how to manage it, how to deliver it. How can technology improve education systems? And how can police forces implement reforms?

By 2020, there is likely to be more than 50 billion devices exchanging information — a huge step up from the current number of more than 8 billion.

Digital technology is driving fundamental change. Today, more than 30% of the world’s population now uses smartphones, tablets and PCs to access applications and information over the internet — and this is only going to increase.

With the power to bring positive change to this and future generations, it should be seen not as a challenge but an opportunity.

Change, though, is rarely straightforward— as Arne Røksund has discovered. A former Admiral in the Norwegian Navy, his report on the police response to his country’s worst ever terrorist attack recommended sweeping reforms, the bulk of which are yet to be implemented. He tells us about his experiences and sets out his recommendations for effective change management.

His Scandinavian colleague, Ann-Marie Orler, has another interesting story to tell — one dominated by her stint as the top police officer at the United Nations and her drive to attract more women officers to join her.

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