EY - Citizen Today: the economics of behavior

Citizen Today: the economics of behavior

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The future is likely to be shaped increasingly by the deployment of behavioral economics and insights.

Our latest edition of Citizen Today, the first for me as Managing Editor and as EY’s new Global Government & Public Sector Leader, explores this theme.

I have relocated from Dubai to Washington, DC, after spending the last nine years living and working in the Middle East and Africa. It has afforded me the opportunity to observe that governments in both rich and poor countries often face the same challenges, such as unemployment, management of public finances, and digitization.

One region that has undergone immense change in recent years is Europe. Now starting to finally break free from the grip of recession, European policymakers nonetheless have more to do to safeguard sustainable prosperity, according to the findings of our latest European attractiveness survey.

Peter Shergold, the former top civil servant in Australia, discusses the importance of understanding how people respond to different contexts and incentives in order to design and implement better policies and services. EY’s Gautam Jaggi agrees, and sets out how the health care sector is poised for transformational change.

We also hear from Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Public Administration, Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, who is overseeing a huge program of reform across government operations.

We explain how major events can lead to transformational change for host cities and their citizens. We also turn the spotlight on Brazil and our rapidly expanding presence in the country.

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EY - George Atalla

George Atalla
Global Government & Public Sector Leader