EY working with the EU institutions

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Doing more with less

EU institutions and agencies face rapidly growing pressure to rationalize their operations and optimize their use of human and financial resources. Decisions by the European Commission clearly demonstrate that efficiency is one of its key priorities: a policy of zero growth in human resources, a 5% reduction of staff in all EU institutions by 2018 and the goal of maintaining administrative expenditures under inflation rates as per the 2014–2020 Multiannual Financial Framework. These targets point to a need to deliver demonstrable impact and value to citizens within the confines of increasingly limited resources. This can be done through performance improvement programs that build structures and processes in alignment with targeted results and efficient use of resources. At the same time, the optimal use of information technology and digital tools is critical.

EY can help EU institutions and agencies pursue these important aims through a set of tailored services that aim to improve structures, processes and resources.

We can help EU institutions and agencies improve their performance and be more efficient by working to align their structure and operations with their strategy. To do this, we draw on tried-and-tested methods and an extensive track record in helping corporate clients, as well as national governments, improve performance by streamlining their operations. In fact, we have helped many European governments become more efficient and reduce their administrative burden. Underpinning these capabilities are our strengths and skills in day-to-day operations, management and strategic decision-making. These skills are concentrated in following areas arears:

  • Major Program Transformation

    Major Program Transformation (MPT) is the “EY way” of delivering IT-enabled transformation programs. It has been specifically designed to enable our Advisory practitioners globally to bring a new and better way to deliver the most complex transformation programs to our clients with less risk and increased value.

    MPT brings together a comprehensive approach for helping our clients transform their performance through technology. It brings a new business-led approach to delivering IT programs and specifically focuses on EY’s five key differentiators in the transformation market:

    • Transformation program management
    • Independent business & solution architecture
    • “Design for value” requirements definition
    • Risk-adjusted business processes and controls
    • Business engagement and business readiness

    MPT brings together multiple Advisory capabilities in a comprehensive and flexible business-led approach, providing our teams with a detailed road map to allow for well-executed, high-quality transformation or implementation efforts globally. It is equally applicable for major, complex technology-enabled transformations as it is for smaller, simpler projects.

  • People Advisory Services

    People Advisory Services (PAS) helps you understand, secure and improve your People Agenda. Getting the right people, with the rigght capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.

    The world is changing and will continue to do so. The market is experiencing huge developments in globalization, demographics, technology, regulation and our competitive landscape.  As a result of these changing dynamics, EY has identified the need for an integrated, comprehensive people services offering.  As the global workforce evolves and organizations continue to change, the need for end-to-end people solutions have become critical to building a better working world.

    Our team delivers a suite of services and offerings focused on our client's people agenda.  PAS is broader than HR services and represents capabilities and offerings that support our clients transformational and transactional agendas, management of evolving workforces, changing role of HR in support of business strategy and the strategic deployment of talent.

  • Digital, Analytics and Cyber

    Digital technologies and social media are changing how governments and citizens engage with one another. As a result, EY “Digital Government” is emerging as a powerful tool that can help governments provide better public services to citizens and businesses. Governments are asking EY to help them develop effective strategies, understand their target audiences and expectations, manage change, and execute on information technology development and implementation.

    EY Data Analytics professionals help clients manage their data and perform analytics that enable fact-based decision-making and improve business performance. The team is competent in the three key aspects of analytics – data, logic and domain. We have people with diverse educational backgrounds, including statisticians, data scientists, data technologists and domain specialists.

    We integrate data science and data technologies to address domain or sector-specific business problems, and to support EY’s service lines:

    • Data: Explore data components from different sources, tools and techniques, to extract, transform and process data
    • Logic: Build and analyze data-driven statistical solutions to transform data into business insights
    • Domain: Use analytics applications for specific domains, such as customer, supply chain and finance

    Our cybersecurity professionals address the challenge of managing the information and cyber to business operations. We draw on in-depth technical and IT-related risk management knowledge from our global organization. Information and cybersecurity are regularly discussed in the board room; we know the business impact and technical details and how to present these issues to C-level executives.

    EY help clients address their Cybersecurity concerns. We create solutions to identify, plan, transform and continuously improve the Cybersecurity posture of organizations across the globe.

    We work with clients to deliver sustainable, measurable results in the following key areas of Cybersecurity:

    • Transforming information security programs
    • Identifying and responding to cyber threats
    • Managing identity and access effectively and efficiently
    • Mitigating the risk of information loss and addressing privacy regulations
  • Internal Audit

    Our services help clients strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues identified, while also elevating the role and impact internal audit has in identifying and addressing complex emerging risk areas.

    We enable organizations to achieve cost efficiencies within their internal audit functions through the variable cost model we offer, combined with off-shore capabilities.  Additionally, our ability to bring innovative ideas and advisory support, greater technology enablement and broad subject matter expertise in complex areas globally allows EY to help clients gain significantly enhanced value from internal audit and across other important priority areas of the organization.

  • Public Finance Management

    Public Finance Management (PFM) is an integrated practice structured around the budget cycle, to support accurate and timely decision-making using the following capabilities:

    • Fiscal planning and budget transformation
    • Enhanced revenue and tax reforms
    • Expenditure management and efficiency improvement
    • Public sector treasury and accounting reforms
    • Performance management and evaluation
    • Financial IT transformation
    • Internal Audit