EY working with the EU institutions

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Europe’s commitment to a prosperous world

European Union external assistance policy ensures Europe’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals, Europe’s delivery on neighborhood and accession policies, bilateral and multilateral agreements with EU partners around the globe for better trade and economic cooperation.

With offices in all 90 countries that benefit from the EU external assistance, we have an in-depth understanding of the local environment in beneficiary countries. We have seen firsthand how development cooperation, along with private investment and good governance, can transform economies around the world. The projects we are involved in are transformational and we are proud to contribute to a positive change across the globe.

Examples of our experience:

  • Assurance

    We perform audits of EuropeAid funds as part of framework contracts. These give DG DEVCO assurance that the many beneficiaries of its funds are spending them compliantly — a crucial element in the EU’s continued support for the more than €50 billion it spends on development cooperation each year. We provide various types of services, such as financial audits, expenditure verification, pillar assessments and verification missions. For a full overview on our Assurance work, please visit the section The EY Centre of Excellence for the audit of EU funds.

  • Public finance management

    We take pride in our long history of working with governments and institutions in Europe and around the world to improve their public finance management (PFM). We do this by supporting them throughout the budgetary cycle, from planning and executing budgets to reviewing their public expenditure and improving the way they manage debt.

  • Private sector development

    Growth is at the core of sustainable development, and private sector development is fundamental to sustainable growth. We offer services that promote entrepreneurship, job skills, infrastructure for growth, increased competitiveness and a business-enabling environment that enhances economic activity.

  • Infrastructure, energy and climate change

    Sustainable infrastructure development is an important dimension of the EU’s development assistance. We work with beneficiary countries throughout the world in implementing projects that contribute to the development of infrastructure, energy and climate change objectives in developing countries. For a full overview on our Infrastructure, energy and climate change work, please visit the section A sustainable and connected Europe.

  • Enlargement

    Our work with neighborhood and accession countries draws on our track record of working with Member States, most importantly the newest joiners, to align their regulations, institutions, structures, systems and processes with those of the EU. Through this work, we actively contribute to development in these countries, but also — in the long term — help them to prepare for adoption of the acquis communautaire.