Global Public Leaders Series

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We are in a time of profound change driven by aging populations, climate change, questions about our dominant economic models, a shift from west to east, and a prolonged financial crisis. Governments are dealing with complex, long term and systemic issues - challenging to overcome within the system's short electoral cycles.

Now more than ever there is a need to discuss the big issues affecting governments globally. 

We have launched an online forum - the Global Public Leaders Series - to bring attention to these issues and enable government, the public sector, and business to consider and contribute on current practices and future ideas.

We are inviting extraordinary public leaders and innovators to help inform the discussion. Each speaker comes from a different geographical background and brings their own experience and insight to these issues.

Peter Ong, Head of the Civil Service, and the Permanent Secretary for the Finance Ministry, the Prime Minister’s Office and for National Security and Intelligence Coordination was our first speaker. He talked about the remarkable public service innovation that Singapore has instigated and the lessons for other countries. His talk was filmed and presented in front of a live audience in Singapore in November 2012 at the Global Public Sector Leaders Summit.

Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, a Swedish policy expert, journalist and author delivered the second talk in the series. Sweden has attracted a lot of international interest in recent times; partly due to the fact that its economy is performing relatively well despite a protracted global recession, and partly due to the unique way in which it has organized its welfare system.

Many governments look to the Swedish model for inspiration for innovation and Karin's talk contains some fascinating insight.

Click here or go to to view the talks and join the conversation. We welcome your feedback.

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The Global Public Leaders Series is an EY and The Guardian initiative