International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

IPSAS services

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As one of the world’s leading professional services organizations, we support governments around the world in their work to modernize and improve their public financial management infrastructure.

We offer support either in a full conversion project or in specific services within such a project.

Major steps in a conversion project

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Around these major steps of a conversion process, we have structured our service offerings as follows:

  • Support in running sensitivity campaigns
  • Support in development of national public sector accounting standards based on IPSAS
  • Performing GAP-analysis, feasibility studies or IPSAS readiness checks
  • Technical support in public sector accounting and financial reporting standards, including preparation of manuals and guidelines, checklists, templates, etc.
  • Support in capacity building (in cooperation with our associates CIPFA and IASeminars), by, e.g., providing IPSAS training sessions
  • IT advisory and assurance services throughout the ERP-implementation process (design or redesign of business processes, design and testing of controls, user management, etc.)
  • Financial accounting advisory services and assurance services related to the opening IPSAS statement of financial position (the registration and valuation of assets and liabilities, design and implementation of a financial statement close process, etc.)
  • Financial accounting advisory services and assurance services in consolidated financial statements (whole-of-government reporting)
  • Support of external public auditors during the conversion from cash to accrual principle accounting
  • Audits and pre-audits/compliance reviews of IPSAS financial statements (audit readiness checks)

Project and change management services are provided throughout our single service offerings and also during comprehensive conversion projects to which we can bring our knowledge gained in projects all over the world.

We have developed a robust process framework for such an IPSAS conversion process which has already proven its applicability in major projects.