Progressions 2012

Health care everywhere

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Health care is becoming more patient-centric and ubiquitous — delivered wherever the patient happens to be.

Changing incentives and new technologies are driving the shift to a health care-everywhere world.

Health care costs are becoming unsustainable, in large part due to a chronic disease epidemic fueled by unhealthy lifestyles, aging populations and increasing standards of living.

To bring costs under control and improve health outcomes, patients and other stakeholders of the health care system will need to change their behavior.

To enable these behavioral changes, the epicenter of the health care system is shifting from the two places in which health care has traditionally been produced, delivered, consumed and paid for — the hospital and the doctor's office — to a third place: the patient.

This shift is accelerating as changing incentives are transferring more financial risk to providers — who will need to change patient behaviors to manage this risk.

Patients have grown increasingly comfortable with empowering technologies (e.g., smartphone apps, sensors, monitors, social media) and are taking a more active role in managing their health. They are demanding a different health care delivery model that will reach them wherever they happen to be.

Above all, the third place promises to change the game in health care by making costs more sustainable and providing new opportunities for growth and value creation.