Spotlight on China

Build strong media and entertainment brands

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In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, M&E companies need to build strong brands to stand out.

“M&E companies cannot underestimate the importance of culture in China. A critical understanding of the cultural nuances across geography, age and income level is necessary to win the loyalty of Chinese consumers.” — Peter YF Chan, Greater China M&E Leader

Associating personal identity with a brand, geographic and cultural diversity and consumer behavior are important factors that M&E companies need to consider.

M&E companies that can differentiate themselves with a strong brand message have a much better chance of gaining the attention and loyalty of Chinese consumers than those that don’t.

M&E companies can differentiate themselves by:

  • Aligning brand strategy with core market segments. In a country with many markets, M&E companies must determine which markets have the greatest potential and craft their products and brand strategies accordingly.
  • Emphasizing a brand’s story and quality. Successful brands have a unique “story” that feeds into Chinese consumers’ desires and aspirations. Chinese consumers are also attracted to quality goods and services. M&E brands that have a well-defined brand message and deserved reputation for quality will perform better than those that don’t.
  • Localizing brands. With such a diverse population, M&E companies need to tailor their products and services to meet the needs of different market segments. They need to communicate their brands in ways that appeal to the local market’s unique cultural influences and adapt pricing and distribution models.
  • Using the power of social media to build relationships. Social media has become a powerful force in the shaping of brands globally. M&E companies must become familiar with the social media ecosystem in China, and learn how to use it as a brand-building tool.
  • Adapting to changing market dynamics. China’s M&E market is constantly shifting. M&E companies must be ready to react to changing tastes and desires. Regulatory limitations, cultural differences, competition and China’s diverse markets will require a studied approach to market entry and brand positioning.