Cybersecurity risks in power and utilities

Creating trust in the digital world

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Our 2015 Global Information Security Survey (GISS) provides the insight of 1,755 respondents from around the world and across all key sectors to assess the most important cybersecurity issues facing businesses today.

Key findings from the power and utilities sector:

  • Although P&U organizations are making progress in cybersecurity, there is a need for considerable improvement.
  • With the onset of the digital energy value chain, the “attack surface” of P&U organizations is expanding considerably. At the same time, attackers are becoming more sophisticated and persistent.
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Understanding today’s cybersecurity challenges for the utilities sector

The P&U sector is currently undergoing major transformation driven by the introduction of smart meters and data networks across the energy value chain. For organizations to recognize the current challenges and to understand what they need to do to get ahead of cybercriminals, they need to think fully about each of the following four areas:

EY - Understanding today’s cybersecurity challenges for the utilities sectorEY - Today’s attacks on the digital worldEY - How attacks unfoldEY - Why are you still so vulnerable?EY - The shift to "Active Defense"