Utilities Unbundled previous issues

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Utilities Unbundled Issue 21
Innovation will be a prime route for utilities to achieve growth this year. In Utilities Unbundled 21, we explore what this means.

Utilities Unbundled Issue 20
The P&U sector needs the best strategic thinkers to navigate its ongoing transformation. We explore the latest trends in Utilities Unbundled 20.

Utilities Unbundled Issue 19
Where will the P&U sector find the best new ideas and leadership to be fit for tomorrow? We explore in Utilities Unbundled 19.

Utilities Unbundled Issue 18
This is a time of monumental change for power and utilities. Utilities Unbundled explores what this means at a sector, company and technology level, right through the utility value chain. In Utilities Unbundled 18, we explore how capacity markets can solve Europe’s unique solar and wind grid challenges.

Utilities Unbundled Issue 17
This is a time of monumental change for power and utilities. Utilities Unbundled explores what this means at a sector, company and technology level, right through the utility value chain. In Utilities Unbundled 17, we highlight the impact of US trends on utilities globally.

Utilities Unbundled #16
This is a time of monumental change for the power and utilities sector. How energy is produced, who generates it and how it is bought, sold and distributed is all changing. Utilities Unbundled 16 explores what this means at a sector, company and technology level, right through the utility value chain.

Utilities Unbundled #15
How will utilities adapt if the generation business erodes? In Utilities Unbundled 15, we explore the growth of distributed generation, challenges and opportunities facing the world’s largest solar energy project and AGL’s innovative approach to rate recovery.

Utilities Unbundled #14
In Utilities Unbundled 14, we explore why reconnecting with customers is a vital part of survival for utilities. We look at new approaches to wind power financing, consider an Asian gas trading hub, and see how Canada is pushing forward as a renewable energy leader.

Utilities Unbundled #13
Utilities Unbundled 13 explores how new LNG will impact natural gas markets and the future of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. We also look at Eskom’s capital program, TEPCO’s roadmap to recovery after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident and Chile’s power challenges.

Utilities unbundled #12
Utilities Unbundled 12 looks at how the P&U sector can keep capital flowing for renewables, with Edison Mission Energy providing an example of innovation. We also report on the Gulf Cooperation Council's new project to link the electricity grid across its six states and examine the major challenges China's rapid urbanization is creating for its gas and water utilities.

Utilities unbundled #11
This issue of Utilities Unbundled explores how utilities are using squeezed capital resources to meet today’s energy mix challenges. How will unconventional gas shake up the sector? How are economic uncertainty and safety concerns affecting nuclear development? Utilities including Calpine, E.ON and First Gen, etc., tell us how they plan to deliver an affordable, sustainable mix for the future.

Utilities unbundled #10
Has energy efficiency brought utilities to a turning point? Utilities Unbundled 10 compares the approaches of utilities in regulated, liberalized and developing markets. In interviews with RWE, Centrica, Southern California Edison, Duke and Eskom we explore how energy efficiency is creating a shift from supply- to demand-side technologies.

Utilities unbundled #9
Utilities unbundled 9 explores the issues of adventurous investment and capital efficiency. We explore the challenges the industry is facing in funding, planning, building and commissioning a range of new projects involving unproven technologies and unpredictable risks and impacts. Access the issue here and read extended interviews with contributors to Utilities unbundled 9.

Utilities unbundled #8
The magic words smart grid could be in danger of overhype. Energy industry commentators are increasingly talking about the need for significant investment as part of a move toward a smart grid. Many believe upgrading to smart technology will give us more secure energy at lower cost and with less environmental impact. But what realities lie behind the hype? And how will utilities compete in the new smart market? The special smart edition of Utilities unbundled (May 2010) looks at how major players around the world are planning to face challenges and change in the new smart market.

Utilities unbundled #7
What are the business implications of climate change for power and utility businesses? Utilities unbundled 7 explores the likely impact of December's Copenhagen climate talks on the sector, comparing the views of major energy companies, industry lobbyists and environmentalists. We also examine the rise of Cleantech, new US plans for smart grids, and how the World Bank is helping developing countries to grow out of poverty while creating a greener economy. Access the issue here and read extended interviews with contributors to Utilities unbundled 7.

Utilities unbundled #6
In the June 2009 edition of our magazine, world leading companies like EDF, E.ON, Gazprom, Southern Company and Vattenfall talk about their ambitious new projects, their vision for the future and the challenge of refocusing business plans in a tighter economy. We also explore the business impact of new carbon restrictions and ask: how should we spend our money to battle climate change? Access the issue here and read extended interviews with contributors to Utilities unbundled 6.

Utilities unbundled #5
We examine the impact of the credit crisis on utilities, and how changes in the cost of capital, the cost of debt and the cost of energy (pdf, 2.9MB) are affecting our industry. We also examine the progress of the climate change agenda, including the financial impact of EU targets on the UK consumer, the introduction of carbon trading in Australia and the US, and the impact of the EU's Renewables Directive on utilities' future strategy.

Utilities unbundled #4
We take a closer look at the key drivers in the US power and utilities market. The main article covers infrastructure development in the US, the main challenges of raising finance, skills shortages, supply chain pinch points and environmental issues. We also explore the challenges of migrating from US GAAP to IFRS (pdf, 2MB) and the likely impact on utilities and compare US and EU regulation and energy policies, where our industry leaders ask themselves: 'Can the energy supply of the future be both affordable and sustainable - and who will pay?'

Utilities unbundled #3
We look to EY's key professionals people in the utilities field around the world for their views and opinions on alternative energy and related energy issues. The lead article investigates how utilities are responding to the technological, asset ownership and commercialization challenges (pdf, 8.5mb) presented by AE, and how AE interacts with the five key drivers of today's utilities industry.

Utilities unbundled #2
Members of EY's global Power & Utilities practice talk about the changes and pressures they are helping their clients to face. Five key strategic drivers emerge that are common to all markets: securing profitable revenues; securing competitive supplies; managing market forces; managing regulatory forces; and managing environmental change. We explore strong common themes emerging in terms of what utility businesses need to do in each key driver area (pdf, 474.4kb)  to position themselves for the future.

Utilities unbundled #1
We explore both the growth opportunities and the uncertainties that surround the power and utilities industry today. We discuss investment opportunities, current consolidation trends, the burgeoning Indian energy sector (pdf, 648.5kb) and the rise of alternative energy, clean coal and new nuclear capacity, particularly as they reflect on security of supply. We also present an in-depth look at new developments in regulation which will fundamentally change the way energy utilities are structured and governed.