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Plug in helps you keep pace with the latest trends in power and utilities. This monthly, easy-to-read update on the sector’s hottest issues and challenges includes insights from our global network of professionals who are working with the world’s biggest power companies. If it’s happening in power and utilities, you’ll read about it in Plug in.

EY - Africa's smart future

Africa’s smart future

Smart metering could resolve Africa’s energy dilemma, but the implementation challenges are significant. What lessons can utilities in Africa draw from around the world?


EY - Rush to renewables in India

Rush to renewables in India

Renewable energy may be the answer to India’s rising demand for power. So what’s threatening the path to growth?


EY - Rethinking utilities' service costs

Rethinking utilities’ service costs

Utilities are taking charge of service costs to generate sustainable growth. We look at five ways to build a next-generation support services model.


EY - Risk-based asset replacement

Risk-based asset replacement

North American utilities must take a risk-based approach when planning for critical asset replacement. Find out how.


EY - Evolving identity and access management

Evolving identity and access management

Identity and access management is moving beyond compliance to become a valuable business tool. How can power and utilities companies make better use of it?


EY - Get ready for reporting changes

Get ready for reporting changes

The latest IFRS changes could have major implications for utilities’ financial statements. What are the key issues and how should companies prepare for them?


EY - The dawn of Japan's energy future

The dawn of Japan’s energy future

Japan’s proposed electricity industry reform may be one of the biggest in the global energy sector. What are the key challenges and opportunities for utilities?


EY - Take the COO challenge

Take the COO challenge

What actions are some of the leading power and utilities COOs taking to respond to the sector’s rapid changes? Read more.


EY - Africa's time to shine

Africa's time to shine

Africa is poised for high growth amid rising energy demand, market reforms and infrastructure investment. What opportunities does this present for utilities?


EY - The capability crunch

The capability crunch

Will a skills shortage threaten the “smart” transformation? Utilities can ensure they have the right people in place at the right time. Find out how.


EY - Securing utilities against cyber attacks

Securing utilities against cyber attacks

As cyber security threats gather pace, power and utility organizations must step up efforts to improve their information security programs. Find out how.