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AGA/EEI/EY Accounting for energy derivatives seminar/workshop
15-17 September 2014
Chicago, IL

The American Gas Association (AGA), Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and EY will sponsor the Accounting for Energy Derivatives workshop and seminar, which is intended to provide an advanced overview and update of the accounting rules for energy contracts and the related derivatives that electric and gas companies use to manage their business.

The three-day event will bring together industry experts to discuss real world issues and provide insight into the standard and how energy companies apply the concepts.

  • On 15-16 September, a day and a half refresher workshop will focus on derivatives and hedge accounting, specifically breaking down the definition of a derivative, embedded derivative and scope exceptions and how it is applied to energy contracts as well as application of cash flow and hedge accounting.
  • The remaining day and a half (16-17 September) will be led by industry leaders as well as EY professionals providing a better appreciation of the types of energy contracts used to manage the business, differences and similarities between the electric and gas markets, and how to account for these contracts using derivative and hedge accounting.

For more information on the topics presented, visit the Accounting for energy derivatives seminar/workshop website or reach out to Glen Hecht or Patricia Lewchuk.


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