Business Pulse: power and utilities

Shift in thinking requires new approaches

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What are the top risks and opportunities for power and utility companies today? How can they best mitigate and capitalize on these to drive growth and ensure long-term sustainability in a volatile market?

Our Business Pulse for power and utilities (P&U) is a snapshot of the P&U industry today and a forecast ahead to 2015, drawn from our own deep sector knowledge and interviews with the world’s leading utilities.

Results reveal that disruptive energy policies, regulations and compliance demands are front-of-mind risks for utility executives in most regions, while economic volatility and unprecedented infrastructure investment requirements remain major concerns. Opportunities are dominated by emerging markets, but acquisitions, alliances, energy and ancillary services are key areas of interest for many power and utility companies around the world.

Both the top risks and opportunities reflect the evolving nature of energy production, delivery and supply as well as a wide range of stakeholder perspectives. They drive home the need to assess your company’s business model and strategy to ensure its readiness for the sector’s transformation.

A shift in thinking is evident. Utilities recognize that their traditional business model is under threat and that new approaches are needed to ensure future success.