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Utilities Unbundled - Issue 14

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There are challenges for utilities at opposite ends of the value chain – creating a sustainable generation mix and putting customers at the heart of strategy.

“Reconnecting with consumers is not just a marketing ploy: it is a vital part of survival.”

— Ben van Gils, EY

A key factor reshaping supply and demand is the desire for energy to be clean. To achieve this, utilities need to diversify generation to include more renewable energy, as cost-effectively as possible.

Utilities also need to be able to offer customers a portfolio of power choices, backed by excellent service. Although customers tend to agree that clean energy is desirable, in many geographies, they haven't even begun to pay what it really costs. And costs will continue to rise, given current and future investment needs.

Utilities must engage closely with consumers, not just to ensure that they provide what buyers really want, but to educate them in how to be responsible energy users. Reconnecting with consumers is not just a marketing ploy: it is a vital part of survival.

Addressing clean energy needs within a diversified generation mix, while keeping costs as low as possible, is a theme explored from diverse angles in Utilities Unbundled.

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I've greatly enjoyed charting power and utility trends as lead editor of Utilities Unbundled since its inception in 2006. This is the last issue I will oversee: as I hand over the reins to a new editor, I'd like to thank the many contributors – utility leaders, regulators, industry commentators and politicians – who have generously given us their time and insight. I look forward to working on new challenges in the sector.

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Ben van Gils
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