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Eskom, Duke and Sempra head the list for gender diversity

EY - The top 20: Eskom, Duke and Sempra head the list for gender diversity
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To create the diversity index, we analyzed the top 200 utilities by revenue and assigned each a score based on the number of women in executive positions. Our methodology gives executive board members the highest weighting, followed by senior management team, non-executive board member/independent director, business unit leader and audit. The results are shown below.

The most gender-diverse utility in our index is South Africa’s Eskom, which had 7 women on its 12-member board at the end of 2014. Duke Energy, last year’s front-runner, has moved to second place, and Sempra Energy is in third.

2015 Women in P&U index top 20

EY 2015 Women in P&U index top 20<

Two companies leapt more than 10 places on the index because of female appointments to the board:

  • GDF Suez moved from 17 to 4 after appointing Judith Hartmann as CFO and Isabelle Kocher as Deputy CEO.
  • Vattenfall moved from 34 to 20 as a result of appointing two women (Jenny Lahrin and Åsa Söderström Jerring) to its board.  

Changes to our methodology to broaden the geographical representation mean that we can now highlight the regional top performers for gender diversity as well.

Download the full report Talent at the table: Women in Power and Utilities Index 2015