Winning the war for talent
Tapping into the potential of women

EY - Winning the war for talent: tapping into the potential of women
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Demand on infrastructure-heavy sectors, such as oil & gas and mining, is creating a skills shortage. This means the best talent can cherry pick the best roles in a global marketplace, leading to a war for talent not just between P&U companies but against other sectors as well.

This is happening at a critical time of transformation within the sector, due to factors ranging from market reform to digitization to empowered customers.

To address these challenges, P&U companies need to attract, retain and nurture the best talent. And one untapped pool of talent is women. The sector needs to be more diverse at the top — and specifically to get more women into the boardroom.

Diverse views bring vigor, fresh thinking, innovation and better decision making. Companies with more women on the board outperform their competitors. To achieve this, P&U needs to be more open and entrepreneurial in its recruitment and HR strategies, and to develop more effective strategies for succession planning, to nurture female talent and create a pipeline of future female leaders.

We are committed to supporting diversity in P&U — our next step will be to consider what the sector is and should be doing to improve gender diversity on boards. We will be seeking your views on questions such as:

  • What do you think the sector should be doing to accelerate change, increase its diversity and foster better gender balance in the boardroom?
  • In your opinion, what actions to improve gender diversity on boards are the most effective?
  • Are talented women in your organization making it to the top?
  • What do investors say about your boardroom?
  • Given the evidence, can you afford to ignore the business benefits of more women in the boardroom?

If you serve on a board or senior management team of a large P&U company and would like to take part, or to nominate someone to take part, please contact us.

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