Private Equity

Could taking the focus off the bottom line actually raise it?

Private equity firms, portfolio companies and investment funds face complex challenges. They are under pressure to deploy capital amid geopolitical uncertainty, increased competition, higher valuations and rising stakeholder expectations.

Successful deals depend on the ability to move faster, drive rapid and strategic growth and create greater value throughout the transaction lifecycle.

EY taps its global network to help source deal opportunities, and combines deep sector insights with the proven, innovative strategies that have guided the world’s fastest growing companies.

Our clients discover powerful new ways to create unexpected paths to value — generating positive economic benefits for both investors and society. That’s the power of positive equity.

EY - The Private EquityEnterprise

Global Compliance and Reporting

Large asset managers have hundreds of legal entities in multiple countries and continually create new ones – all with different compliance obligations. Many are outsourced and require local knowledge. EY gathers the data, leverages local EY teams knowledgeable in accounting and tax laws, performs data analytics to identify trends, risks and opportunities and monitors filing requirements.


Deal Origination

The intense competition for a limited number of deals raises stakes to win for private equity firms. A proprietary investment approach driven by sector insights enables firms to confidently place winning bids that generate appropriate returns. EY’s global origination team turns opportunities into actionable strategies. Our proprietary knowledge and advanced analytics help develop strategic capital options to help firms achieve success.


Integrated Due Diligence

Private equity firms conduct diligence on assets across strategic, financial, tax, operational and HR issues. Firms historically used issue-based advisors, managing different parties and consolidating findings at the end of the process. Employing EY’s integrated diligence approach at the early stages of a transaction provides more effective, comprehensive diligence on an asset, giving firms a distinct competitive advantage.


Value Creation

Private equity firms face increasing pressure to attract fresh capital and create value. This requires generating greater investment returns and facilitating transformative growth in the portfolio. EY’s heritage serving the world’s fastest growing companies addresses these challenges across all stages of the deal lifecycle, including deal origination, diligence, inception, optimization and exit strategy.


Exit Readiness and IPO

Private equity firms must plan exits rigorously in order to successfully monetize their investment during the exit process in today’s challenging environment. Executives must identify key short- and long-term priorities prior to undertaking an IPO or alternative transaction. EY can advise deal teams and portfolio companies on exit alternatives, assess exit readiness, prepare a company for an exit/IPO and create a value story for targeted buyers.


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