Private equity opportunities in emerging markets

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Increasing macroeconomic stability in the developed markets, coupled with declining growth and geopolitical change, is leading to challenging times across many emerging markets.

Despite the volatility, private equity (PE) investors have remained committed, seeing opportunity in the long-term secular trends that have emerged over the last decade — namely a rising middle class, favorable demographics, low PE penetration and a lack of traditional financing infrastructure.

These macro trends will continue to play out over the next decade and will continue to provide PE firms with a wide range of compelling opportunities.

To help private equity executives and investors gain insights into notable emerging markets, we offer key insights into the trends, challenges and opportunities that are shaping them.

EY’s Private equity roundup series delves into the drivers of fundraising, investment activity and exits across a range of developing economies, including Africa, China, India and Latin America. Our quarterly, semiannual and annual reports deliver fresh insight into the forces shaping activity, including macroeconomic trends, regulatory developments and capital markets activity.

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