2012 REIT report

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Our fifth annual Global perspectives: 2012 REIT report is intended to help real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other property investors to make more informed investment decisions with regard to the global REIT market.

The report and all the charts contained in it are based on information provided by SNL Financial, a provider of sector specific business intelligence services. The information is drawn from the latest company filings and daily market data as of 30 June 2012.


In 2009–10, the equity REIT recovery was relatively uniform, with most REITs posting positive returns. But in 2011, differences in the rate of recovery started to appear. Now those differences have come into sharper focus.

Across markets, the best-performing REITs are better capitalized, have more financing options, own better-quality assets and have less risk exposure. These include many of the large REITs, but some small REITs have performed well, too.

Market capitalization — total (US$m)

Market capitalization — total (US$m)

Rate of return - 1-year (%)

Rate of return — 1-year (%)

Rate of return - 3-year (%)

Rate of return — 1-year (%)