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Trends in real estate private equity

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The term "disruption" has come to signify off-the-charts seismic activity that is tearing down the old order.

Schools, banks and retail shops are being disrupted by online classrooms, mobile payment systems, and consumer products that are now "one click" away.

Businesses are leasing less office space to reflect "leaner," more streamlined operations. Retailers are looking for giant distribution centers to serve customers who expect convenient and immediate access to their products. Millennials and baby boomers want "live, work, play" environments, instead of suburbs with large yards and two-car garages.

Even real estate investors have caused disruption in the fund space by demanding more and faster information about who is allocating their capital and where.

This Trends in Real Estate Private Equity report takes a close look at how and where the real estate sector is experiencing its own disruptive tremors.

One area facing noticeable and significant change is fund administration. Administrators are offering more sophisticated, comprehensive and reliable services to real estate fund managers.

A rush of foreign capital is also having a disruptive effect. Beyond these major trends, we also focus on global deal flow, reporting and tax.

Many of the themes addressed in this year's report are causing widespread changes to the real estate investment environment and how fund managers are doing business.