Digital agility now

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Organizational agility is a leading success factor in the digital era. Have you got what it takes to lead?

Global media and entertainment (M&E) companies see 57% of their revenue coming from digital by 2015, up from 47% today, according to our survey of more than 550 senior executives from global technology and M&E companies.

We found that digital leaders are companies using new technology to deliver new media products and services, and build more agile organizations capable of sensing and responding far faster to shifting customer attitudes and market place opportunities and risks.

Internal collaborations

A major differentiator between these digital leaders and other survey respondents is a greater emphasis on mobile-social-cloud and big data analytics technologies for internal collaboration.

For example, 67% of digital leaders believe using social media for internal communication among employees is “very” or “extremely” important, compared with 42% of all other respondents.

How to be agile

Digital leaders’ advanced social listening programs, cutting-edge analytics and cloud-based infrastructure enable rapid deployment of new products and services, and offer the ability to quickly learn from and fix mistakes.

This organizational agility is necessary to meet the demands of rapidly evolving digital consumer behavior.

Digital leaders are well-positioned for the future by using the power of mobile-social-cloud and big data analytics in concert – working together – to make their organizations more agile.