Sustaining digital leadership

Balancing growth and risk

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As digital transformation sweeps through the media and entertainment (M&E) world, the challenge of managing sustainable growth has become a complex balance of sound business practice and risk-taking.

M&E companies have extraordinary opportunities to drive top- and bottom-line growth by leveraging transformative mobile, social, cloud and big data analytics technologies to develop new content, expand distribution and reinvent business models.

But digital technologies are also unleashing disruptive change that, if not carefully managed, can undermine growth strategies — and competitiveness.

“Partnering is one area where successful M&E companies demonstrate the power of shared leadership. Our research shows that digital leaders partner more, accelerating time-to-market with technology enabled innovation, while sharing risk and expense.”

Tom Connolly
Global Media & Entertainment
Transaction Advisory Services Leader

"We’ve seen that a big win for companies on digital transformation journeys is to drive more integration of systems, which enables them to simplify digital work flows.”

Kevin Price
Global Technology Industry
Advisory Services Leader

The chart below outlines our proposal for managing sustainable growth in the digital age.

EY - chart Managing sustainable growth in the age of digital


Key strategy highlights

    • Innovate and rebalance. Focus on new products (i.e., content and services) to drive growth — even if it means disrupting legacy businesses. Evolving existing products may not be enough.
    • Create a diversified portfolio of offerings and business models to manage risk and increase opportunities for success.
    • Speed is imperative: launch and learn rather than learn and launch.
    • Invest in technologies for managing digital-related risks.
    • Use big data analytics to get a more detailed understanding of both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers, and hone content and services based on their preferences.
    • Manage technology partnerships and investments wisely to accelerate digital transformation.