Stack to solution

Go big, or go home

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Sometimes, if you don’t “go big,” you end up “going home” whether you want to or not.

This challenge, and its inherently high risk, lies at the heart of the cloud-induced technology industry structural transformation that we call stack to solution. Many incumbent technology companies are struggling with the stack-to-solution challenge.

Stack to solution requires rapid implementation of new approaches to technology company business and operating models. These changes must be made in the context of intensifying competition from non-traditional competitors, including certain leading cloud service providers (CSPs) and new niche technology-enabled services that can launch at low initial cost and scale rapidly by taking advantage of multiple underlying cloud services.

Because stack to solution also involves profound changes in customer demand, it requires true transformation. But technology incumbents often make the big mistake of pursuing incremental changes.

Further complicating a technology company’s stack-to-solution transformation decision is timing: move too early and you lose value while your customers catch up. But move too late and you may lose the whole game and end up “going home.”

To fully understand why the time to think about a stack-to-solution transformation is ending and the time to act is beginning — and to explore what actions to take — download and review our drill-down Top of Mind report: Stack to solution: go big or go home.

“ The cloud disruption is leading business customers to a more solution-oriented philosophy, where they may no longer care about whether they’re buying software, storage or security, but are mostly concerned with what the right answer is.”

EY - Jeff LiuJeff Liu
Global Technology Industry Leader
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