Multifaceted security: preparing your cyber offense

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It is often said that the best defense is a good offense. And that certainly holds true for cybersecurity in today’s rapidly changing, digitally enabled world.

Amid fast-paced technology transitions, coupled with a complex and escalating web of vulnerabilities and threats, companies need to take a multifaceted approach to cybersecurity, including a robust cyber offense.

The same disruptive cloud, mobile and web technologies that are creating borderless networks and enabling the digital transformations now sweeping through all industries have increased corporate networks’ cyber vulnerability — creating many formidable risks for the enterprise. In such an environment, companies must look far beyond their IT infrastructure to understand and address the full extent of their cyber risk.

As tech companies increasingly underpin other industries, they must be particularly diligent when addressing their own cyber risk profiles, as well as when building cyber defenses into their products and service solutions. And to achieve true cyber confidence they must act proactively and be prepared with flexible and resilient defenses, capable of responding to any cyber incident with speed and agility.

To fully understand why the time to think about a multifaceted security approach is now — and to explore what actions to take — download and review our drill-down Top of Mind report: Multifaceted security: preparing your cyber offense.

“Most importantly, corporations must become proactive cyber hunters.”

EY - Jeff LiuJeff Liu
Global Technology Industry Leader
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