mHealth: mobile technology poised to
enable a new era in health care

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Smart mobile devices and applications, working in concert with cloud computing, social networking and big data analytics, have surfaced to enable a new vision of providing health care everywhere — wherever a person happens to be — with the potential to dramatically expand access, contain costs and improve outcomes.

Mobile technology is already transforming the way patients interact with doctors and how conditions are diagnosed, treated, billed and paid for. The entire health care ecosystem and its key stakeholders — patients, physicians, providers and payers — are in the midst of a dramatic transformation, but it is still in its infancy.

“Smart mobile devices and applications, working in concert with cloud computing, social networking and big data analytics, will be at the core of global health care transformation. These transformative technologies will continue to lead with ways to help rein in cost, broaden access, change behaviors and improve outcomes.”

- Pat Hyek
Global Technology Industry Leader, EY

As demand for mobile technology accelerates and the various players develop and expand their mobile platforms, the health care industry must address a host of challenges related to cloud computing, social networks, big data analytics and smart mobility.

Our report examines the impact of technology innovation on health care and its stakeholders, with a dual focus on the opportunities and challenges that face technology companies looking to help fulfill the “health care everywhere” vision.

Key drivers of mHealth

  • Making the health care everywhere vision work will require many technology megatrends working in concert. True mHealth will be realized through a combination of smart mobility, social networking, cloud computing and big data analytics all working together.
  • Life sciences companies will face certain challenges — along with opportunities — as the epicenter of the health care system shifts from the hospital and doctor’s office to wherever the patient happens to be.
  • The health care everywhere concept is fast approaching a tipping point. Not only are the technology and innovation available, but consumers, governments, institutions — and, indeed, society at large — are ready for mHealth.

“Life sciences and health care companies are increasingly expected to demonstrate to payers how their offerings improve health outcomes and the efficiency of health care delivery. Reducing costs will ultimately require a greater focus on preventing disease and influencing patients to better manage their own health. Successful companies will seek to extend their business models beyond the drug or device to offer payers, providers and ultimately patients more value — all of which will be accelerated by mobile technologies.”

- Glen T. Giovannetti,
Global Life Sciences Leader, Ernst & Youn