Service innovation

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Smart home strategies move forward

The connected home refers to more than technological innovation in established product categories or more sophisticated broadband and TV packages. Smart homes, underpinned by multidevice streaming and home automation, are expected to ramp up in years to come.

Juniper Research forecasts that consumer spending on smart home services — including entertainment, health, energy and automation — will top US$100 billion in 2020, more than double the US$43 billion spent in 2015.

UK consumer attitudes toward smart home technologies

EY - UK consumer attitudes toward smart home technologies

Operators refine their approach to mobile financial services

Mobile money services are now available in 93 countries, principally developing markets in Africa and Asia. They are clearly transforming people’s lives: in 85% of countries where fewer than one-fifth of the population has a formal bank account, unbanked citizens now have access to a mobile money service.

Although growth in new deployments has slowed since 2013, service providers are now focusing on increasing interoperability between platforms to stimulate usage and improve the customer experience.